The Original Feldenkrais Chair

Adjustable quality tool for Feldenkrais, therapy and massage

"Working with people while they are sitting and yet with some relief from gravity in carrying arms, head, neck, and upper torso is something I like to do. Your chair presents some elegant ways to achieve that.

I wish you all the very best in this new business!"


Paul Rubin, Feldenkrais Trainer & Educational Director

About the chair

Motion Manufactory has developed a special chair for seated Feldenkrais lessons, therapy and massage.


The Original Feldenkrais Chair has several features and moveable parts. Feldenkrais practitioners, trainers and assistants, but also professionals of other fields take advantage of the chair´s unique features. The chair is especially useful for clients who - for several reasons - are better treated in sitting than in lying.


Feldenkrais trainers use the chair not only in their daily work, but also as a tool of learning in Feldenkrais educational programs:











Angelica Feldmann, Trainer & ED, using the Feldenkrais chair for an FI with a pregnant woman at Feldenkrais Training Program Mozarthaus.



Donna Ray, Trainer and ED, shows basic features

Watch Donna Ray, Feldenkrais trainer and Educational Director, showing basic features of the chair in the following Video:

Introduction Video with Trainer Livia Calice

Learn more about the production of the chair and listen to Livia Calice, Feldenkrais Trainer, talking about its advantages during FI:


We have completed our Crowdfunding initiative successfully! You find the details here:

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